Researchers to Toronto

Several researchers from MANA have been invited to present at the National Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in Toronto. The meeting was held May 5th – 8th.

Critical Periods of Growth in Preterm Infants – The Effect of Neurodevelopment
Marta Rogido, MD; Elizabeth Eckman, PhD; Tara Gleeson, PhD; Tanis Fenton, PhD; Aimee Herdt, PhD; Ian Griffin, MD

A Tale of Two Babies – Baby B and Baby Doe
Ian Griffin, MD

The Rate of Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) Decreased in Association with Increasing Use of Donor Bank Milk Programs (DBMP)
NJ NICU Collaborative: M Cohen, P Benedetto, B Rai, M Myers, R Axelrod, J Saslow, A Kushnir, B Planer, K Toczylowski, C Perdon, A Aguirre, E Assing, S Hudome, J Ladino, R Snyder, M Rogido, D Sorentino, J Harkins, E Steffen, K Vangvanichyakorn, A Zauk, D McClure, M Hiatt, S Chan

A New Jersey NICU Collaborative Initiative to Increase Human Milk Consumption in Very Low Birth Weight Newborns
Morris Cohen, John Ladino, Ruth Snyder, Marta Rogido, et. al.

Neonatal Bile Acid Metabolism: Analysis of Serum Bile Acids in Preterm and Term Infants
Naureen Memon, Aimee Herdt, Thomas Hegyi, Mary Carayannopoulos, Lauren Aleksunes, and Grace Guo

Developmental Expression of Enzymes Involved in Bile Acid Synthesis in Human Liver
Naureen Memon, Elizabeth Eckman, Aimee Herdt, Lauren Aleksunes, and Grace Guo

Phytosterols Alter Bile Acid and Sterol Transporters in Human Hepatocytes
Naureen Memon, Elizabeth Eckman, Chris Lee, Aimee Herdt, Hui Peng, Lauren Aleksunes, and Grace Guo

Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency with SMOFlipid Minimization in a Neonate: A Case Report
Naureen Memon, MD; Karen Hussein, MD; Thomas Hegyi, MD; Aimee Herdt, PhD; Ian Griffin, MD

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