Patient Accounts


Our billing team has extensive experience with health insurance policy, and medical claims billing and coding. Our billing representatives are happy (and available) to share their expertise with families who need assistance navigating the health insurance “maze” in order to obtain the benefits they deserve. Our goal is to ensure that our NICU families not only get the best clinical care, but also feel supported even after their infants come home from the NICU.

To speak to one of our Billing Specialists, please call (866) 518-2229


Most health insurance policies from employer groups have limited enrollment windows for your newborn baby after birth (e.g. 30 days). We encourage you to contact your employer’s human resources department as soon as your baby arrives to enroll him/her on the policy. If you plan to enroll your baby in an insurance plan other than your own employer group, please let us know, such that we can provide you with the best service possible with healthcare claims. Likewise, in order to simplify healthcare claims process, please notify the billing department at the hospital where your baby was born about your insurance carrier.

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