Practitioner Leadership Team is established at MANA

MANA’s neonatal practitioners are an important part of our clinical team.  They have diverse training backgrounds, unique skillsets, and many of them have decades of experience caring for newborns in various clinical settings.  Leveraging their leadership in our NICUs will allow us to elevate educational needs, in order to achieve the highest practice standards, continuity of care across sites, and patient-family satisfaction.  For these reasons, MANA has assembled a Practitioner Leadership Team.  The committee’s goals are to coordinate and structure educational opportunities, to evaluate and improve practice policies, and to eliminate incongruencies between our clinical staff and practice sites.

Congratulations to the Practitioner Leadership Team Members

Amy Hatch, NNP – Chairperson
Ruth Snyder, NNP – Discharge Planner and Patient & Family Representative
Francine Merendino – Site Representative at Overlook Medical Center
Danielle Corsi, NNP – Lead of Professional Development
Suzanne Allikas – Site Representative for St Clare’s Denville Hospital
Christine Gilbart – Ad hoc member

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