MidAtlantic Neonatology Associates is a group of neonatologists, advanced neonatal practitioners and physician assistants dedicated to providing exemplary neonatal intensive care.


The focus of all our efforts in MANA’s NICUs and Special Care Nurseries is on providing the highest quality care to our fragile patients. At the same time, we believe that in order to properly foster a baby’s well-being and promote family healing, our NICUs must be a place for families to gather and participate in their infants’ care. Thoughtful design, advanced technology and interdisciplinary staffing have made our NICU environments exceptionally conducive to Family-Centered Care.

Sam’s NICU at Morristown Medical Center

NICU Phone: 973-971-5022
Office Phone: 973-971-5488
Website: http://www.atlantichealth.org/morristown
More information, Photos & Video: Take a tour of Sam’s NICU

Overlook Medical Center NICU

NICU Phone: 908-522-2341
Office Phone: 908-522-3569
Website: http://www.atlantichealth.org/overlook

Special Care Nursery at Saint Clare’s Hospital

SCN Phone: 973-983-2132
Neonatology Office: 973-971-5488
Website: http://www.saintclares.org

Special Care Nursery at Chilton Medical Center

SCN Phone: 973-831-5217
Neonatology Office: 973-971-5488
Website: http://www.chiltonhealth.org/special-care-nursery