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Sam’s NICU at Morristown Medical Center

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Sam’s NICU was years in the making. It represents the pinnacle of NICU design and technology. Inaugurated in 2009, Sam’s NICU was made possible by a generous gift from The Salzberg Foundation in honor of Samantha Marie Salzberg. It combines the latest medical and communications technology in an environment that sets the standard for excellence in NICU design.

Every element of the NICU was built around the needs of babies and their families, with the singular goal of giving each baby the best opportunity to thrive. Individual patient/family rooms assure families the privacy and quiet they need to bond with their infants and give them the space to heal. We have no “visiting hours.” Families are encouraged to stay close to the baby around the clock if they can.

We enthusiastically promote Family-Centered Care, addressing not only the complicated needs of sick infants, but also the emotional ups and downs of their parents. We recognize your contribution is critical to our health care team and we encourage you to become a part of the decision-making process. Parents are not visitors in the NICU.

The thirty-four comfortably appointed rooms, allowing for up to 54 newborn beds, were designed with the needs of the family in mind. We have twin and triplet rooms to keep families together as much as possible. Small refrigerators in each room allow mothers to keep breast milk with their baby, readily accessible to the nurses. Soundproof ceilings and adjustable lighting enable us to keep the environment as soothing as possible. Each room has a warm decor, natural light, sleep sofas and wireless internet. There is also access to a separate Family Waiting Area with TV, refreshments and rest rooms. That’s where families meet to offer each other encouragement and support that only parents of NICU babies can understand.

State-of-the-art technology assists the staff of Sam’s NICU in providing the finest medical care: