MidAtlantic Neonatology Associates is a group of neonatologists, advanced neonatal practitioners and physician assistants dedicated to providing exemplary neonatal intensive care.

Follow-up Evaluation

ReferralsOur success in the NICU is ultimately measured by the long-term health of the children who receive intensive care as newborns. In that light, MANA physicians are committed to the success of the NICU Follow-up Program based in the Child Development Center at Goryeb Children’s Hospital.

In an effort to ensure that the parents of our patients understand the importance of comprehensive, mutlidisciplinary follow-up, professional staff from the NICU Follow-up Program are invited into the NICU to meet with families.  In addition, MANA clinicians regularly attend the follow-up clinic to promote continuity of care and provide a welcoming face to returning families. The result has been a remarkable increase in our ability to assess long-term outcomes of the most vulnerable infants:

Examples of MANA’s current commitment to follow-up care include: