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Carrie McDonald, NNP and MANA Staff Promote Kangaroo Care in the NICU

Carrie McDonald, NNP has been instrumental in promoting Kangaroo Care in the NICU. Over the last several years, Carrie has taken time to educate staff on the clinical and emotional importance of providing Kangaroo Care to our babies and families. Our NICU celebrated Kangaroo Care Awareness Day on Friday, May 13th in the hope of raising awareness among NICU parents. The day was a great success, as parents learned about the numerous benefits of skin-to-skin contact for the baby and family. Thank you to Denise for photography, Luanne for food & snacks, and Jennifer Bondurant-Magnone for being an avid kangaroo care advocate and facilitating the “transfer” of babies to their parents in celebration of this special day. Read full story »

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Dr. Abigail Wellington Earns Gift of Gratitude Award

Dr. Abby Wellington and 3 other Overlook Medical Center (OMC) staff were honored with a "Gift of Gratitude" award. OMC was given a generous donation in Abby's name for the outstanding care she gave to Baby Boy Schorr last summer. He was in the NICU for 1 week and has done very well. With their donation and award, the family honored Abby and the staff. Congratulations! Read full story »

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Dr. Gaines Mimms is honored by March of Dimes

The March of Dimes has chosen Dr. Gaines Mimms as the 2014 Honoree at their Signature Chefs Gourmet Gala. In 2014, Dr. Mimms celebrated his 30th year as a neonatologist. He is being recognized for his clinical expertise caring for low birth weight infants, his dedication to medical education, and his commitment to the field of neonatology. Read full story »


Dr. Gaines Mimms Receives Teaching Award

Dr. Gaines Mimms Receives Prestigious Teaching Award from Mt. Sinai. He was elected by the students of the AOA honor society as the 2013 Teacher of the Year! Read full story »


Neonatal ICUs Cut Central-line Infection Rate

One hundred NICUs in nine states, including Sam's NICU at Goryeb Children's Hospital, participated in an 11-month neonatal CLABSI reduction project. Dr. John Ladino led this initiative for MANA. NICUs used the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program to implement catheter insertion and maintenance guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The NICUs decreased their CLABSI rate by 58 percent, which represents the avoidance of an estimated 131 infections, up to 41 deaths and more than $2 million in healthcare costs. Read full story »

Resident Training Program at MMC Teaches Breaking Bad News

Nobody likes receiving bad news. It’s no fun delivering it either, especially when the news involves ailing children. Yet it’s part of the job if you’re a doctor in the field of pediatrics. Goryeb Children’s Hospital at Morristown Medical Center has started an innovative program to help young doctors improve their bedside manner. Read full story »

First NJ baby saved by new heart screening protocol

First NJ baby saved by new heart screening protocol

Little Dylan Gordon apparently was eager to be born. Two months before he was due, he was already causing contractions, but mom Lisa Gordon of Hampton Township and her doctors knew he needed more time before he entered the world. They delayed his arrival as best they could, with Gordon even taking a drug called Procardia to delay preterm labor. Read full story »

Morristown High School Football player’s NICU reunion

Morristown High School Football player’s NICU reunion

Don’t be surprised if Morristown High School football coach Chris Hull moves his scouting operation to Morristown Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Six stars from his 2010 state championship team got a head start there. They returned on Monday to say thank you, and to give parents of other premature and ailing infants hope for the future. Read full story »

A father’s love

A father’s love should equal a night to remember for Morristown Memorial on Feb. 18

Samantha Marie Salzberg was born at Morristown Memorial Hospital in the spring of 1987. Soon after her birth, doctors determined that Samantha was suffering from a heart ailment and needed to be transferred to a facility that could offer specialized care that Morristown Memorial could not, at the time, provide. Read full story »

Atlantic Health's NICU page

Atlantic Health’s NICU page

Morristown Medical's NICU, "Sam's NICU," consists of 34 private/semi-private rooms, including those that accommodate families with triplets and quadruplets. Sam's NICU promotes family-centered care and offers amenities such as comfortable recliners, breast pumps and family areas in each patient room. Read full story »

New neonatal intensive care unit at Morristown Memorial Hospital (2008)

Stacey Rubinstein’s 22-month-old twins, Andrew and Alexis, dart in opposite directions down the halls of the new neonatal intensive care unit at Morristown Memorial Hospital. Too young to realize its significance, they meander among adults feeding them cookies and smiling at their antics, in between conversations about how nice the new unit looks. Read full story »