MidAtlantic Neonatology Associates is a group of neonatologists, advanced neonatal practitioners and physician assistants dedicated to providing exemplary neonatal intensive care.

Parents & Families

The birth of a baby is an exciting, life-changing event. However, for families whose babies require care in the NICU, the experience can be overwhelming and highly emotional. The medical staff at MANA is committed to helping families cope with the NICU experience and navigate its unfamiliar surroundings. We hope that this collection of resources helps.

About the NICU

The NICU, sometimes called a Special Care Nursery, is an intensive care facility designed specifically for sick newborns who need specialized medical attention. The NICU is outfitted with equipment designed especially for the smallest patients and staffed by personnel with expertise in infant care. Babies are admitted to the NICU for many reasons.  About half are premature, while the remainder have a variety of illnesses:

Some infants spend a few days in the NICU, while extremely premature infants and those with more serious medical ailments require much longer stays.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit health care team is a large diverse group: