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Dr. Alan Lucas Presents at MANA

Thursday, January 5th

On Thursday, January 5th, Dr. Alan Lucas, a Pioneer in Neonatal Nutrition spent the day at Morristown.  Over lunch, Abby Wellington presented an infant that has been nutritionally challenging.  Dr. Lucas made several suggestions regarding how to optimize weight gain, some of which we had already begun.  Ruth Snyder then shared our nutrition protocols. Our lunch session ended with Denise Hassinger impressing Dr. Lucas with her research on oligosaccharides in breast milk.

The dinner session, held at the Park Avenue Club was well attended by MANA physicians and practitioners.  We were joined by NICU staff nurses and our dietitian.  Dr. Lucas shared his lifelong work on the tremendous advantages of breast milk and its short and long term effects over the span of a lifetime on many body systems.

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